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The Dread March of Solemn Gods - Out April 30th

DEATH ARRIVES WALPURGISNACHT, APRIL 30TH We can finally reveal that our new full-length album, 'THE DREAD MARCH OF SOLEMN GODS' will be unleashed on April 30th via Vendetta Records. This album is everything we set out for it to be. A powerful concoction of Black and Heavy Metal of old. A fist in the face of the music of this century. Tracklist: 1. Night Wrath 2. The Dread March of Solemn Gods 3. Under the Dead of Night 4. Lunar Hex; The Art of Mighty Lycanthropy 5. The Necromanteion 6. Discipline Through Black Sorcery 7. The Tower of Perpetual Twilight 8. Spectres of the Ancient World 9. Strigoi Diabolicum 10. The Lord of Death and Midnight* It will be available in the following formats - Limited edition 12" Gold Vinyl, regular 12" Black Vinyl, Digipak CD* (featuring the bonus track, 'The Lord of Death and Midnight'), regular Jewelcase CD, Cassette and all streaming services. It was recorded under the watchful eye of Chris Fielding (Winterfylleth, Conan, Primordial) at the legendary Foel Studio, Wales and the artwork was created by the extremely talented MFA XII (Mayhem, Necrot). Listen to 'UNDER THE DEAD OF NIGHT' here. This album was hard to manifest, not only with current events but rather the grim reality of situations beyond our control. However, we consider this a rejuvenation. A deafening clarion call to arms. When the dust settles we are ready to push forward to whatever end. This is only the beginning! - NINKHARSAG

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