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Discipline Through Black Sorcery

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Ninkharsag Discipline Through Black Sorcery Cover

1. Discipline Through Black Sorcery
2. The Necromanteion
3. The Lord of Death and Midnight (CD Digipack & 7" Vinyl Exclusive)

Kyle Nesbitt - Vocals & Guitar
Paul Armitstead - Guitar
James Pipprell - Drums
Aleksandar Kókai - Bass Guitar


Released by Vendetta Records on  black 7" Vinyl in 300 copies. August 23rd, 2020.

It was recorded under the 4th Full Moon, MMXIX
at Foel Studios, Wales by Chris Fielding.
Mixing & Mastering completed at Skyhammer Studios
by Chris Fielding.
Produced by Ninkharsag.
All music written by Ninkharsag.
All lyrical conjuration by K.Nesbitt
Additional music on track 2 by Steven Churchill
Artwork and borders by MFA XII
Holbein Reaper artwork adapted by A.K.
Photos by H. Nolan
Layout & design by The Devil’s Own Alchemy Productions


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